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UK Generators Built by JS Power Limited.

The 200kVA generator is a top-quality power solution. It is reliable with a compact design and is fully engineered by our qualified, in house engineers. The 200kVA also comes with a range of extras and accessories you can add to your generator if required, from maintenance contracts to a coolant water heater, we can accommodate your 200kVA generator to your business.

Our 200kVA generator is a modern diesel engine which is much cleaner and more efficient therefore emissions have been reduced and overall engine running costs are much lower. As technology has advanced, we have made improvements to the generators. For example, canopy construction has improved and is now designed to reduce noise, weight and access to the engine/alternator package.

At JS Power we offer a sound sales service and maintenance contract for the life of your generator, as well as full comprehensive health checks & detailed report on completion. Our friendly team are also available to offer any support or expert advice you may need when looking to buy a generator, feel free to contact our team for guidance today.




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